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Price List


Price List


Bagel Forming Equipment



  $  PRICE

 1B-H-P One-Bank Horizontal Bagel Former W/O Infeed Conveyor B P.O.R
 1B-H-C One-Bank Horizontal Bagel Former With Infeed Conveyor B P.O.R
 1B-V-S One-Bank Vertical Bagel Former W/O Infeed Conveyor B 17,995.00
 2B-V-S Two-Bank Vertical Former with Takeaway Conveyor B 36,500.00
 2B-S-S Two-Bank Vertical Standard Short Frame Bagel Former B 36,500.00
 2IC Optional Two-Bank Vertical Infeed Conveyor   5,995.00
 2B-V-K Two-Bank Vertical "Slimline" Former With 10" Centers A 36,995.00
 2B-V-B Two-Bank Vertical "Slimline" Former With 9-1/2" Centers A P.O.R
 2B-V-N Two-Bank Vertical "Slimline" Former With 8-1/2" Centers A P.O.R
 2TC-P Two-Bank Takeaway Conveyor System for 2B-V-K,B,N   12,995.00
 2B-H-P Two-Bank Horizontal Bagel Former W/O Infeed Conveyor B P.O.R
 1B-H-D One-Bank Horizontal Complete Bagel Forming System B 42,995.00


Letter in this column (A or B) indicates the machine silhouette at right


  Crating Standard Crating Charge Per Machine 1,595.00
  Crating International 100% Special Plywood 2,250.00


Shop Rate:  Custom machining, Fabricating, & Modifications - per hour $    90.00  
Out of Shop Rates: Per 8 Hour Day Including Traveling Time (Monday - Friday) 1,250.00  
  From 8 to 12 Hours (Monday - Friday) Time & 1/2  
  From 12 Hours (Monday - Friday) Double Time  
  Per 8 Hour Day Including Traveling Time (Saturday & Sunday) Double Time  
  From 8 Hours not to exceed 12 Hours (Saturday & Sunday) Triple Time  
Travel Travel, car, hotel, meal expenses At Our Cost   


Terms: All Prices F.O.B. Thompson Bagel Machine Mfg. Corp.
  50% Required at Time of Order
  Balance Due Before Shipment of Completed Order
Delivery Date: Quoted at Time of Order
Warranty: One (1) Year for Defective Parts
  Ninety (90) Days Labor to Replace Defective Parts

     Prices and Terms Subject To Change Without Notice


A style silhouette


B style silhouette



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