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Company Background

Thompson Bagel Machine is the original pioneer and technological world leader in the bagel industry. For over 39 years we have provided the world with the most advanced, well-built and reliable bagel formers! We hold the first patent on a commercially feasible bagel machine and hold numerous innovative patents in bagel and dividing technology. For four decades our top and continuing primary budget considerations is R&D to bring our innovative and quality products to the bagel industry.

Daniel T. Thompson, founder of Thompson Bagel Machine, had a vision like his father Mickey to elevate bagels from an ethnic food to an everyday staple. By reading ""The History and Development of the Bagel Machine by Daniel Thompson", you will understand the desire and motivation behind their dream to build the first successful bagel machine and how it revolutionized and created the modern day bagel industry, many years before other bagel forming equipment appeared on the market.

In our state of the art designing and manufacturing facility we utilize the latest CAD-CAM software. This gives us the ability to efficiently integrate our equipment for custom applications. This also gives us compatibility with all the major manufactures of support equipment and enables us to effect immediate design changes. We use the latest CNC machining centers to manufacture our parts to aerospace standards and the most up to date fabrication practices for building our frames and other structures to higher than industry standards.

The manufacturing industry for bagel forming machines holds our technology in such high regard that most of them have taken and incorporated some of our technology into their bagel formers. Some of them have even made imitations of our bagel forming cups and mandrels and produce sub-standard copies of our machines. These imitations, however, do not reflect our high criteria and do not offer the performance, longevity and structural integrity of a Thompson Bagel Machine, as only manufactured by Thompson Bagel Machine Mfg. Corp., your assurance of the finest 39 years reputation.

Thompson Bagel Machine was founded and fashioned from the basic principles of the "Old American School" of quality, flexibility and service. These are the principles that made our country the greatest in the world; these are the principles that we adhere to and will never sacrifice to make more profit. We are always improving the quality of our machines – never lessening quality by using cost and quality cutting production shortcuts to cheapen our machines.

Our machines have longevity second to none. We have many machines that are over thirty years old working efficiently and to capacity, producing quality bagels every day. Our machines are used in the world’s largest bagel lines producing 64,800 bagel per hour with a 99.5% efficiency rating. We have the most compact, efficient, reliable, easiest to clean, best built and cost effective to operate machines in the World. Our machines are the least expensive to operate per hour, per bagel formed. Therefore they are the least expensive machines available on the market today, making you the most profit, with your payback in the least amount of time. We deliver you the best!

For an interesting history of the bagel machine, read "The History and Development of the Bagel Machine by Daniel Thompson"






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