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Evolution Cup

Thompson Bagel Machine's newest development is our Evolution Forming Cup. The U.S. Patent Office granted us a patent for its unique design. This technology took more than 10 years of development and testing to achieve our standards. Our Evolution Cup is made from FDA approved composite materials and many patented manufacturing processes.

The Evolution Cup is the biggest advance in bagel forming technology since we invented the first patented commercial bagel machines over 40 years ago. Thompson Bagel Machine invented the cup type forming machine as the best way to consistently form bagels. 

In use for more than two years at Einstein / Noah’s Baking Corp., our Evolution Cups have produced over 180 million perfect bagels with no visible signs of wear or structural fatigue.


  • Patented bead design rolls dramatically smoother bagels with no slipping, especially particulated products.
  • No coatings to peel or wear off.
  • Practically self cleaning and considerably lower sanitation costs.
  • Patented design and engineering (Patent No. 5,707,661) are only found in our new evolution cup.
  • Manufactured from a super strong proprietary material with all stainless steel components.
  • Lighter than traditional coated aluminum cups providing longer chain and chain guide life.
  • Increased life of other machine components due to lower friction.
  • New stud design allows for easier installation and fastening.
  • Noticeably quieter machine operation.

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