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Industrial Bagel Forming Equipment

The Quality Engineering of Thompson Bagel Machines: Evolution Cup
Evolution Cup
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Thompson Bagel Machine manufactures bagel-forming equipment that serves the requirements of all bagel production. From the mass production of a commissary requiring a uniform product for many stores, to the needs of the neighborhood retail bakery. Thompson Bagel uses the same bagel forming technology in all of our formers, thus assuring the user of the same high quality product whether producing 5000 bagels per day or 1 million bagels per day.

It is our philosophy to engineer and build equipment to the highest standards and continue to meet the needs of the ever-changing bagel industry. Since 1961 our proven designs, quality and durability have become legendary in the bagel industry. It is not unusual to find a 30 year old Thompson former still in operation. Thompson bagel machines produce billions of bagels annually worldwide.

Thompson Bagel Machine was the first company to introduce a commercial bagel former to the baking industry over 45 years ago. Our machines have rolled more quality bagels than any other manufacturers'. We pioneered and continue to revolutionize the modern day bagel industry!

We manufacture our bagel making machines in Los Angeles, California. We engineer and build equipment to the highest standards to insure superior quality and performance. Our facility incorporates the latest computerized machining equipment for efficient production. All of our machines are BISSC certified.







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